Event Organisers

SAMUEL WEBB ("WEBBY") started Live Roleplaying in his last year at Drama School, where he trained to be a theatre director, and was introduced to large events like Curious Pastimes. Samuel ran his first event, Wasteland UK, in September 2011 and the game quickly grew in popularity, attracting live roleplayers from a mix of backgrounds. When Andie came on board in 2012, the game developed and with it a business partnership into Unexpected Events Limited. Sam can be reached at: sam@unexpectedevents.co.uk



ANDIE FIGGINS ("BUGS") has been involved in Live Role Play for over 20 years, starting her LRP hobby in her early teens. She was involved in one of the longest running LRP systems in the world for nearly 15 years as a referee, crew member, player and staff member. She says that gave her a fantastic understanding of all aspects of LRP in the UK. In 2008 she started a hobby business making costumes for friends, that became her full time job in 2014. Bugs met Samuel at her first Wasteland UK event, and was asked to join the Game Team less than two months later. Since then she and Webby formed Unexpected Events Limited, moving on to new projects, bringing something new to UK LRP. Reach her at: andie@unexpectedevents.co.uk

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