Event 1.5 Crown of Fauna

7th to 9th September 2018

"Woods are always a magical place to both young and old, a place were memories are built, lessons are learned and secrets lay undisturbed. These woods have been used by both public and Scouts for years, the Scout hall even getting funding for repairs and upgrades, well it was..

The building and machines lay quiet, the woods around it gasping for life, no foot steps are found here these days, just the sounds or trees and dead leaves. Its happening again... 60 years have passed since many a wanderer vanished within these woods, no bodies, no evidence, no trace. As if they had been taken down by the roots themselves and into the woods embrace. Someone, maybe even a small group need to investigate what secrets these woods hold... For something unnatural is planted here and without being unearthed will spread like poisonous vine..."

Crown of Fauna is the second event in our mystical modern day world. Ideal for returning players and new friends to join them, learn about what really lies beneath the facade of reality, and the truth behind the fairy tales told to us as children.

Harmergreen Wood Scout Activity Centre, Robbery Bottom Lane, Welwyn, AL6 0US


Accommodation: This will be outdoor camping for everyone participating. The camping glades are lovely and not very far away from the compound that houses a nice garden area and toilets. Unfortunately the building on site is not available for use in any capacity.

Catering: This is a self catering event, so please bring camping stoves and plenty of food!

Event Cost: £75

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