Event 2 Tricks and Mortar

13th to 15th September 2019

"This old house… this old house has stood upon the earths flesh for many a long year, its foundations running deep into the earths bones… An old house, used time and time again by many families over the passing seasons, ageing, being rebuilt and ageing again, a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth, but then again who talks about a house in this manner… It has brought many kin closer together, holding a true air of ‘home’ within its form... well at least it did once…

Within the last century this house has seen many an occupants come and go, like passing breath… Many unable to stay to long as their time there didn’t always bring them closer, but tore them down… like stripping away the flesh to try and purge an illness… Trying to cure a deep wound that may have no physical form…

Our intrepid detectives need once again step into a vessel in need of help… but is it simply the bricks and mortar which have been ravaged by the disease of neglect and time… or does the house itself need a new lick of pain…t…"

Tricks and Mortar is the third event in our mystical modern day world. Ideal for returning players and new friends to join them, learn about what really lies beneath the facade of reality, and the truth behind the fairy tales told to us as children.

Oakraven Field Centre, Jubilee Rd, Mitcheldean GL17 0HE


Accommodation: This will indoor sleeping with bunks, please bring your own bedding and pillows. There are showers, so bring wash kits and towels too.

Catering: This is a self catering event, there is a kitchen available for you to share, so bring food and other cooking supplies.

Event Cost: £75

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