Folk is a Role Play led game with its focus on who your character is, rather than being defined by what they can do. Characters are written up using the following method, then from that the game organisers will create 3 Character Aspects that will have active abilities during the game. These are unique to each character - while some might be similar, none are the same. Characters will also have a Vice and a Fear based on the background submitted.

To create your character you must answer these questions:

What is your name?

Names are incredibly important, some even holding power. We need to know yours.

What is your date of birth?

Birth is an important part of life, not only as the beginning of your personal journey but holds its own special significance in the cosmos.

What is your blood type?

An important fact for any medical procedure.

Who are you?

This could be your personal traits, your goals in life or your achievements so far. It’s what defines you as a person. Tell us a little or as much as you want but provide a good foundation for your character concept.

What is your occupation?

Tell us the real life skills you have based upon your role in society. Root them in your everyday life. Only tell us the most important skills - most likely linked with your job or profession, or previous vocations.

What is the one experience that made you question there was something beyond this world?

You could have seen or heard something that cannot be easily explained away. It could be a moment deep in your past, or something that happened right before your first event. Give as much detail as you can to what happened - don’t worry about second guessing the truth behind the event, finding out through play is half the adventure.

What is your one vice?

People have many little flaws and personality quirks, but name the one that is most prevalent - the one that affects you the most, or the one people notice.

What do you fear?

Everyone has one.

From these questions, 3 unique aspects will be made for you, giving you usable skills whilst in character. There will be a chance to learn further skills and other abilities once you have attended your first event.


Character development in Folk is an entirely unique experience, individual to each character. There are no skill trees to choose from, no pre-defined lists. However, each skill or ability, or even spell, that you learn is linked to one of three Keystones.


Mind     Body     Soul

Opening up these keystones comes only from real, in game, experience and learning. You should discuss with the Storytellers the abilities you’d like to develop for your character so the both of you can create the skill together.

Boons and Curses

Being embroiled with Faeries, creatures of the vale and Folk of all sorts doesn’t leave you entirely unscathed. Some of the creatures have the ability to bestow Boons and Curses upon others; benefits or drawbacks to their fates and fortunes that can either help or hinder you. The more astute amongst you will know that these are really two sides of the same coin, and it's a rare that these come without a cost to one or both parties involved.

A Boon will enhance your abilities or aspects in same way, drastically increasing your luck or favour with these skills, but may come with a cost or misfortune in other areas of your character.

A Curse is a massive detriment to your fortunes, possibly inhibiting but more likely impeding your ability with certain skills or aspects of your character. These are powerful forces and will cost a lot to change or remove.

Boons and Curses can only be granted or removed by otherworldly creatures.

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