Welcome to Spy!

Spy! is a game of international spies and daring secret agents. Infiltrate secret facilities, sabotage your target in the dead of night, secure hostages by any means necessary, tap phone lines, hack enemy programming and foil the plans of world terrorist threats! With Spy!, you have complete control over your secret agent. Create his or her secret agent ability from scratch. Decide on their weapons and gadgets, ready to encounter any enemy or go on any mission!

The Federation of International and Global Spies is an agency that uses operatives from all over the globe, to deal with threats that have global consequence, not just the petty political machinations of power hungry nations. Spies from any nation, colour or creed are welcome - so long as they have the vested interest in the stability and peacekeeping of the human race. 


Character creation is a simple process. No picking from skill lists, ability trees or points buying. Instead, you tell us what weapons and gadgets your spy has, and what abilities and other qualities they have. 


Your Secret Agent Ability defines your Spy! You tell us how they excel and in which situation or against a specific foe and you can do it! 


As part of character creation, you’ll tell us what your spy’s theme tune is. Call out your catch phrase whilst on a mission to hear your 30 second theme tune play: during that time, everyone else moves in slow motion, you’re free to move normally and you are invincible! 


What are super spy movies without henchmen? The day to day rank and file goons that patrol their commander’s lair, hopeless against even the most novice secret agent. During the events, everyone will need to take a turn playing the henchmen, or “gooning” as we like to call it! And this is a new game all in itself, and should prove loads of fun too.

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