Welcome to Spy!

Spy! is a game of international spies and daring secret agents. Infiltrate secret facilities, sabotage your target in the dead of night, secure hostages by any means necessary, tap phone lines, hack enemy programming and foil the plans of world terrorist threats!


Character creation is a simple process. No picking from skill lists, ability trees or points buying. Instead, you tell us what special ability they have and when they use it!


Your super-spy team also has it's own 30 second theme tune! When it's played, everyone moves in slow motion and you are invincible! 


What are super spy movies without henchmen? The day to day rank and file goons that patrol their commander’s lair, hopeless against even the most novice secret agent. During the events, everyone will need to take a turn playing the henchmen, or “gooning” as we like to call it! This is a game all in itself, and is loads of fun too.


Rules for Spy! are simple and really quick to learn.


Prop guns, either Nerf or Airsoft, are used but no projectiles fired. Instead, "BANG!" is used while identifying a target. Describe the henchman you're shooting and shout "BANG!" for your shot to have an impact. Hopefully, if you're sneaky enough, you want have to use it!

Melee Weapons

LARP safe melee weapons will also be used at our events. When hitting an adversary, accompany the blow with something like "KA-POW," "WHAM," or "BOSH" to make the hit count, and down your enemies quickly!

Special Agent Ability

Your special ability will give you your own unique advantage in a particular feat: incredible strength, mastery of disguise or demolition specialist - any one of these things, of your own creation, will give you a unique ability in the field. The game organisers will give you more details on how to use that ability at the beginning of an event based on your booking.

Theme Tune

If you hear a theme tune then like all incredible action sequences, everything goes into slow motion! If its the group's theme tune then you and your fellow spies are invincible until it ends... hear the enemy's however, and you'll need to be super careful (just really slowly...)


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