History of F.I.G.S

In 1971, 7 agents from a well-known governmental Agency were sent of a mission of vital importance. That missions was a success, but the tactics employed and the loss of life was seen by the Agency Director as unnecessary. Officially.

Behind closed doors, those tactics were applauded. There are some situations that require thinking that maybe seen in the press and inside Number 10 as unpalatable. As such a new Secret Agency was formed. F.I.G.S. Number 10 known of their existence and work… but will never admit it.

F.I.G.S membership is top secret information, no one knows what they do. But the world would be worse off for it.

F.I.G.S started in 1972. Formed from the 4 survivors of the 1971 mission. Since then, they have saved the world from many villains. In 1975, the then Director, P, was assassinated. His killer is still at large.

F was appointed the new Director in late 1975 and remains the head of the organisation. She is still working P’s assassination case. She won’t rest until this assassin and his boss are caught. While she waits for a break, no Super Villains, Henchmen or Goons are safe.

There have been many missions since those days, and many new Spies have been trained by her and the team.

1984, a new in take of recruits joined the organisation, being sent on training missions to test their abilities. These recruits all passed the muster and are now in the early years of their career working for her. They managed to foil an assassination plot on the Hungarian Ambassador, at the F.I.G.S Head Quarters. But the villain behind that plot is still out there. F and her Agents have vowed to find this evil mastermind and destroy him.