13th - 15th November 2015

Thriftwood Scout Camp, Brentwood, Essex

Ricky’s Casino in the winter has quickly become a firm tradition amongst the Wasteland elite. A place to eat incredible pre-war cuisine for every meal, enjoy the very best in pre-war cocktails and delight the senses with its live entertainment. Not to mention hot and cold running water (for free!), a proper bed for the nights and actual

 indoor heating!

Britain lies in ruins, destroyed by a world wide nuclear war. 80 years on, the survivors struggle on, foraging whatever food they can find and scavenging pre-war technology in an effort to ease their lives. Ghosts of the Old World still haunt the British Wastes: The New United Kingdom (NUK) in their fortified Haven bunkers; while civilisation of the new world, the East Anglia Alliance and Free Scottish Republic, trade in bottlecaps and make their own laws. Slavers take who they can, to make themselves rich from the restored ammunition factories of Brum. The Ghouls of London tunnel out into the Wastes, and the legendary trader Freddie Noone and family do what they can to keep a frail economy alive.

Wasteland UK is a Live Roleplay game (LRP) set in a post-apocalyptic Britain. 80 years after a global nuclear war, civilisation lies in ruins and the descendants of those lucky enough to survive The Fall do what they can to eke out a life for themselves... You are those survivors.


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