Event 21 - Deadline


15th to 17th March 2019

Smallwood Manor

Nearly 5 years after the horrors of The Facility on Salisbury Plain, there are those of us still haunted by the work left to be done. Not least of which Corporal Simmonds, a volunteer test subject that had no idea what he was leaving his family for. Devastated by the drastic mutations visited on him by the now dead Dr. Maddison, he has been roaming the Wastes, stalking the group and all they associate with, learning to control his rage and abilities. He has had some success in this, but of course he is not the man he was, he is still a monster.

Just over a year ago, he offered a deal. Cure me, or I will kill you all. Not much of a choice, but here in the Wastes, that is daily life, isn't it?

The deadline to cure Simmonds is almost up. He is now a very impatient man, waiting for you at a Manor in the Midlands. He says he offers beds, warmth and plenty of space to make good on your promises to fix him. He is also offering rewards for those who are brave, and honourable enough to show up and do what must be done. There is also all of the information gathered in the catacombs to go through and discuss, what does it all mean?

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