Event 21 - Deadline


22nd to 24th November 2019

Oakraven Field Centre

Jubilee Road
GL17 0HE

"Back once again in the safety of the old Noone house that Jimmy renamed as "New Hope". Invited here for some well earned rest, time to process everything from the last 2 years and work on the projects that are important to you all. It's also a good time to share information and work out what the hell is going on around you.
The flow of trade doesn't just concern goods, and plenty of people know what the what is in the Wastes, so it is a good time to gather answers and make deals.

Having received a note from The Benefactor, the party are now looking to find out more about this person or persons. They have little to go on, but The Benefactor was mentioned in the many documents found in the Church of the Meeks' Catacombs last year. This entity has been known to send supplies and people to the places that need them the most - Brum being just one in recent years. Are they truly friend? Or yet another foe?"

Players and Crew can arrive from 4pm.
Time in is at 8pm.

Beds are provided, but please bring bedding (Duvet/sleeping bag, pillows and blankets). There are also showers and toilets, so please bring your wash kits and towels so you can take advantage of this rare set of facilities!

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