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Event 1 - Brum

Photos from the first Wasteland UK Event, "Brum". Held at The Grange, Balsall Common.

  • Meeting of minds.jpg
  • Baking Chems.jpg
  • End of a barrel.jpg
  • Defending your lads.jpg
  • Singing Ghouls.jpg
  • Failed Raid.jpg
  • Skins.jpg
  • Spinal Surgery.jpg
  • Stag.jpg
  • Tower Guard.jpg
  • Hunters.jpg
  • Debrief.jpg
  • e001 combination.png
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Event 1.5 - Robbery Bottom

Held at Harmergreen Scout Camp, Hertfordshire

  • Keep Calm....jpg
  • Woodland Scouting.jpg
  • On the March.jpg
  • Drawing up battle plans.jpg
  • Scouting for Boys.jpg
  • Breaking cover.jpg
  • Evading Mutants.jpg
  • Jump the raider.jpg
  • Mack the Knife.jpg
  • Lucky Red.jpg
  • Mutants on the Hunt.jpg
  • Wasteland fu.jpg
  • engineer.jpg
  • Greatest knife fighter in the Wastes.jpg
  • This one's for Dexy.jpg
  • Black Widow.jpg
  • Mohawk.jpg
  • The Gas Mask Girls.jpg
  • Betty Noone.jpg
  • Morning Briefing.jpg
  • Sniper.jpg
  • The Squirrel Disagrees.jpg
  • The first wave.jpg
  • Tending the wounded.jpg
  • Massive Attack.jpg
  • Do you have a flag.jpg
  • The Firm.jpg
  • From Cardiff with love.jpg
  • Robbery Bottom.jpg


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